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Hotel Chronology – a house with an extraordinary history

It was as far back as 1809 that our gasthof was first mentioned in writing as being an inn – at that time under the name of Galgenwirtshaus (Gallows Inn). The name was used for a good reason. From 1880, Maria Berger appears as the owner of the house which she operated under the name of Höllwirtshaus – the foundation for the later name of Hölle.

Over the course of time, the ownership changed hands several times. Until finally, on 21st May 1965, Ernst Pühringer senior acquired it. After his death, his wife Hermine took over the business, which she passed over to their son, and present proprietor, on 1st March 1991.

Lookback – Milestones of the Hotel Hölle

  • 1991 : The building is completely redesigned after a general redevelopment
  • June 2000: Hermine Pühringer receives a Certificate of Merit and Recognition from the Chamber of Commerce for her long (40 years) responsibilities in the hotel trade.
  • 1995: Renate Pühringer, the daughter of the house, comes back from abroad and immediately joins the team
  • 1998: The Guest Garden (outdoor dining area with garden atmosphere) was augmented with a protective wall and children’s playground, and the Winter Garden was extended by a modern addition.
  • 2000: The Hölle team made a start with comprehensive alterations, building a cellar as well as erecting storage and staff rooms; and a laundry, a heating installation with heat recovery, and a wine cellar were put in place.
  • 2001: An additional 7 modern, comfortable hotel rooms with generous bathrooms were added. Still more comfort was provided by the installation of a lift, the fitting of air-conditioning for all rooms, the erection of a spacious hotel lobby with reception, as well as a fitness room and sauna.
  • 6th June 2001: The Hotel Hölle receives its fourth star. Parallel to this, the by-now ****-hotel enters into the Austria Classic hotel cooperation.
  • 27th April 2006: Ernst Pühringer takes over the Café Herbert, approx. 100m away, which is completely renovated and re-opens under the name of Wiener Café Herbert
  • 2006: At a trainee competition for the federal Land of Salzburg, our trainees in the branch of restaurant specialist / chef achieve their first successes. And our restaurant-specialist trainees have also been able to shine at the national level.